IPTV: Are anti-piracy threats having an impact? This study shows surprising results


How fight against piracy ? The countless steps taken by rights holders automatically come to our mind. For example, they may ask Internet service providers to block certain sites. It is very easy for a hacker service that regularly lists lists of web addresses to be removed to rise from the ashes. But this only addresses part of the problem. For illegally downloading or streaming contentof course you need a platform that will allow you to do this, but at the same time people use it.

Because of this anti-piracy campaigns aimed at individuals The legion and its dominance for decades VHS tapes. They emphasize different points depending on when they were released. Risk of encountering a site will steal our moneywho are we will be infected with many viruseseven who will steal our real identity.

Many consequences that are absolutely real but greatly exaggerated scare potential criminals. Logically, The method must bear fruit. Otherwise it would be difficult to understand why it is still used today.

The success of anti-piracy campaigns is always relative

It’s not free to start messages to encourage people not to hack. You need to find ideas, create materials, spread them… This simple fact pushes the sponsors and actors of the campaign to take action. claim it was a successespecially sinceIt is very difficult to measure the true impact. And if the figures later show that piracy has increased, it is easy to attribute this to another reason. A team of researchers wanted to go further beyond these assumptions in a study called “Psychological Response to Anti-Piracy Messages Revealed by Gender and Attitudes.”

The reactance in question is psychological defense mechanism. When is it triggered An individual tries to maintain freedom of action even if he believes he is being oppressed or threatened.. Here, Anti-piracy campaign threatens pirate freedom. The authors explain that the study “uses evolutionary psychology as a theoretical framework to examine whether messages based on real-life anti-piracy campaigns trigger response and whether this effect is explained by gender and pre-existing attitudes.”

Clearly, participants are exposed to messages that have already been used in the past. We check whether they have it or not. impact on hacking intentionsAll Depends on whether you’re a man or a womanAnd based on their previous attitude towards the act of piracy (positive or not).

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Do anti-piracy campaigns work? Yes and no, according to a study

Three types of messages are presented. The first one is taken from rural areas Get It Right and write prococialwell voluntary and directed to others to benefit from it. Example: “Don’t hack, go to a legitimate site instead.” The second one is coming too crime stoppers and emphasize that risk of virus infection. Finally, the third is of the kind graded answersas the law does hadopi in France. A control group is not exposed to any messages.

Results are very important. A prosocial message has no impactRegardless of gender and previous attitude, neither reaction nor decreased desire to hack. On the other hand, “threatening messages, especially Crime Stoppers, […] It had a polarizing effect on the group by displaying a positive attitude towards piracy. Increase reported in men with positive attitudes towards hackingAnd Women with positive attitudes towards hacking reported reduced intentions to hack“.

When looked at numerically, the mass of people who are in favor of piracy 30% more motivation to hack by tracking threats. Just the opposite, women acknowledge the impact such campaigns seek. among them 15% and 20% less likely to be hacked afterwards. This is just one study, of course, but it could pave the way for other, more in-depth research. As for whether the creators of anti-piracy messages will use it, time will tell.

Source : TorrentFeak

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