Inconsistencies in the plot of ‘The Great Illusion’ leave fans PERPLEXED!

[Atenção! Esta matéria contém spoilers de ‘A Grande Ilusão’.]

The series ‘The Grand Illusion’ recently concluded its plot in Netflixgenerating a wave of discussions among viewers due to inconsistencies found at some points in the story.

Even with these inconsistencies, the plot managed to considerably tie up all the loose ends throughout its episodes.

The narrative revolves around Maya, a war veteran played by Michelle Keegan, who is confronted with images of her deceased husband and finds herself involved in a complex conspiracy.

The promise of twists throughout the story initially attracted many viewers, but as the plot unfolded, the flaws began to become evident.

‘The Grand Illusion: the biggest plot holes

Understand what the inconsistencies were in ‘The Great Illusion’ – Image: Netflix/Reproduction

One of the highlights is when Maya reveals to Shane that she is linked to the death of her own husband, Joe.

The problem arises when she does not offer detailed explanations about the fate of the weapons found by her and Joe before the fatal confrontation.

This gap in explanation contributes to the feeling that the story is not rooted in reality, removing viewers from the possibility of fully believing in the events.

Another aspect that leaves something to be desired is when, without remorse, Maya confesses her involvement in Joe’s death.

The situation becomes more confusing when she says she put Joe’s body in the suitcase, but at no point do we see what happened to this crucial item.

This gap in narrative It could have been a unique opportunity for the police to solve the case immediately, as Maya awaited the arrival of authorities at the park.

The absence of a magazine in the suitcase at this crucial moment adds another layer of unreality to the story.

Although these holes do not directly interfere with the general plot, they end up undermining the credibility of the narrative in the eyes of viewers.

‘The Grand Illusion’ certainly provided closure to its plot, but the inconsistent elements left some fans divided over the series’ ability to maintain cohesion and reality throughout its conclusion.

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