In the comics, Venom reveals SURPRISING power rarely used

Venom, long a pillar in the cosmic hierarchy of the Marvel Universe, continues to evolve, revealing new abilities and surprising cosmic powers.

In his current phase as the self-proclaimed King of Darkness, in the pages of ‘Venom #27’, the symbiote creature has further expanded his repertoire of powers.

It stands out for resurrection, psychic webs and, recently, a little-used but explosive ability: the absorption and redirection of energy.

Another power up for Venom’s account

The story that addresses the new case follows Eddie Brock, who is transported to a future dominated by symbiotes.

In this scenario, the Venom symbiote, now self-proclaimed King of Darkness, faces an adversary equipped with anti-symbiote technology.

Venom then discovers the ability to absorb and redirect blasts of energy against your opponents, unleashing devastating effects.

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

This ability, shown at a crucial moment in the narrative, is described by the symbiote itself as painful, which suggests why it uses it infrequently.

Despite the impressive potential, the pain associated with this power can be an obstacle to its continued use.

Venom’s evolution is remarkable, especially considering his past history. Previously, symbiotes had limited abilities, such as the ability to absorb elements from their hosts or alter their shape.

However, since 2018, Venom has climbed the cosmic hierarchy by connecting with entities such as the Knull Hive, acquiring new abilities such as generating wings, and now, absorbing and redirecting energy.

The potential and possibilities of this newfound ability have fans on edge, raising questions about what other surprises the symbiote save it for the future.

With the constant evolution and increasing complexity of his abilities, what more can Venom reveal in the epic battles to come?

This is an unknown that keeps comic aficionados eager for new chapters of this exciting journey.

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