“I didn’t receive a return call”; ‘Stranger Things’ actor out of last season?

Stranger Things‘, one of Netflix’s most acclaimed series, is already in production for its 5th and final season, but the news that surprised fans was the absence of the character Argyle, played by Eduardo Franco.

During an interview on the YouTube ‘Steve Varley Show’, the actor revealed that he did not receive an invitation to participate in filming.

‘I didn’t receive any call back’

Although Argyle is a beloved character, known for his hilarious and friendly appearance alongside Jonathan in season 4, Eduardo Franco explained:

“I never got a call back, so I guess that’s it.”

The lack of an invitation raised questions about the character’s role in the final episodes of the series and, therefore, his expected return to conclude the series.

Netflix did not comment on Argyle’s non-return to the series – Image: Netflix/Reproduction

Suspicions gained more strength when it was noted that Franco was not present in the recently released image, which brought together the majority of the cast for the final episodes.

With Argyle’s fate uncertain, fans are now awaiting clarification on why the actor was not included in the final season.

The character arrived in Hawkins along with the other protagonists at the end of season 4 and remained alive.

‘Stranger Things’, a creation of brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, won a legion of fans by delving into the nostalgia of the 1980s, full of references to films, video games and music from the time.

The series’ first three seasons were widely praised for their characterization, engaging plot and homages to works by Science fiction and terror.

With the confirmation that the 5th season will be the last, fans’ expectations are high, and Argyle’s absence leaves a mystery in the air.

A Netflix did not comment on the issue, leaving admirers of the series anxious for more details about the outcome of ‘Stranger Things’ and the fate of the characters that won over the public.

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