‘House of the Dragon’ may be delayed due to reshoots

The second season of ‘House of the Dragon‘ (‘House of the Dragon’) was one of the few productions that did not go through the Hollywood actors and screenwriters’ strike.

When the event took place, the scripts were already finalized and the artists followed the statutes of the British union. These two factors combined provided a great advantage for filming.

However, everything changed when the directors realized that continuing to tell this epic saga about queens, betrayals, combats and dragons would not be as easy as they thought.

‘House of the Dragon’ reshoots had problems

Reshoots They are usually complex to do and it is not surprising that some problems occur during the process.

Generally, this resource is used to resolve pending issues detected in the post-production phase.

However, in ‘House of the Dragon’ the problems proved to be too many and everything indicates that such a level of pending issues was not expected.

This forced the technical team to take some measures to resolve the situation once and for all. Thus, reshoots began in February in the United Kingdom, at Leavesden Studios.

It was expected that all the necessary takes would be completed in two or three weeks, but the website Redanian Intelligence revealed that the re-recordings will extend until at least March 15th.

So far, no explicit cause has been revealed for such a delay, but it is clear that something is not happening as it should.

Some experts speculate that it is likely that adapting scenes is taking a lot of time, as some takes tend to work better on paper than in real life.

The aforementioned writers’ strike also prevented the texts from being changed while filming was taking place.

For now, the public wants to know whether this will affect the date set for the release of the second season, which was set for mid-2024, by HBO.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer to discover the outcome of the conflicts that began at the end of the first part, marked by the enthronement of Aegon II Targaryen and the death of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s son, Lucerys Velaryon.

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