Holocaust: TV Cultura shows documentary ‘A Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit of Us’

Next Sunday, January 28th, at 11pm, the TV Cultura will provide viewers with a unique opportunity to delve into history through the unprecedented documentary ‘A Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit of Us’.

Directed by André Bushatsky, the film revisits the Second World War through the touching accounts of Holocaust survivors who rebuilt their lives in Brazil.

The exhibition will coincide with the tributes to the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust, celebrated on January 27th.

Remarkable testimonials from personalities

The documentary presents a wide range of stories, from those who fled to those who courageously sheltered opponents of the Nazi regime in their homes.

Furthermore, it highlights the moving accounts of those who managed to survive the concentration camps, revealing human resilience in the face of the cruelest adversities.

‘A Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit of Us’ is not limited to survivors’ accounts. The film also features impactful testimonies from renowned personalities, such as journalists Pedro Bial and Caio Blinder, philosopher Mario Sergio Cortella and economist and professor Claudia Costin.

His reflections bring a unique perspective on the lessons we can draw from this dark period in history.

André Bushatsky, through his documentary, seeks to carry out a study on the political and social conditions that gave rise to the Nazism.

Establishing a parallel between that historical period and the current scenario, the film invites us to reflect on the importance of learning from the mistakes of the past to build a more fair and egalitarian future.

Lessons from the past to the present

The documentary contextualizes the emergence of Nazi Germany, highlighting the period between 1933 and 1945, when the government was controlled by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Under Hitler’s rule, Germany was transformed into a fascist totalitarian state, controlling almost every aspect of life.

O racism and anti-Semitism were central features of the regime, resulting in the persecution and death of groups considered undesirable.

‘A Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit of Us’ is not just a film, but a powerful educational tool that invites us to reflect on the consequences of extremism and intolerance.

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By learning from the past, we hope to build a future in which understanding, respect and solidarity prevail over the shadows of hatred.

The showing of this documentary on TV Cultura is an unmissable opportunity for all of us to connect with history and commit to building a better world.