Hideo Kojima and Junji Ito meet and drive fans crazy

In the vast universe where manga meets video gamestwo legends recently reunited, creating a wave of speculation and anxiety among fans.

Junji Ito, known as the master of Japanese horror, made a surprise visit to the studios of Kojima Productions, led by famous video game creator Hideo Kojima.

The event between these two giants did not go unnoticed, fueling speculation about a possible collaboration on a new project.

Would Hideo Kojima and Junji Ito be together in a project?

Social media was flooded with the news, when Kojima, in his usual style of sharing moments from his life, posted about his reunion with Ito.

On X (formerly Twitter), he expressed his excitement at meeting Ito after four years and shared cinematic nostalgia after rewatching the film ‘Uzumaki’, Ito’s masterpiece, released 24 years ago.

This meeting is not just casual, both masters are long-time friends. Mangaka Ito, dubbed the master of horror manga, is known for his frightening creations, some of which have finally reached Western readers, such as ‘Tomie’ and the ‘Best of Best Junji Ito Short Story Collection’ by Devir.

On the other hand, Kojima is a legend in video games, creator of iconic series such as ‘Metal Gear’ and the mysterious ‘Death Stranding’, which is about to be adapted by A24.

What could come of this meeting?

Immediate speculation began to go viral on social media about the possibility of an epic collaboration between these two creators. What could come from this union of brilliant horror and video game minds?

Theories were fueled by the history of collaboration between them. Ito has already made an appearance in ‘Death Stranding’, as a character who challenges players in a post-apocalyptic world.

Such a previous bond between the two had left fans curious about what else they could create together.

Kojima, known for his complex narratives, recently gave fans a glimpse of his upcoming horror project ‘OD’ in collaboration with renowned director Jordan Peele.

However, Ito’s presence behind the scenes raises the question: are there more surprises on the way?

Previously, collaboration between Kojima and Ito was mooted for the infamous ‘PT’ project, initially intended to be a sequel to ‘Silent Hill’.

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Although this idea was stopped, Ito confirmed that discussions about his participation took place.

Now, with both creators at career high points, fans are eager to see if their shared vision will come to fruition in a new horror title.

While their individual projects continue, with Adult Swim’s adaptation of ‘Uzumaki’ and the live-action film ‘Bloodsucking Darkness’ by Junji Itoin production, the possible collaboration between Ito and Kojima takes center stage.

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