Has it become a trend? Dramas become the main attractions for older people

In recent years, an unexpected trend has been gaining prominence in the world of entertainment: dramas, or Asian dramas. They have become the main attractions among the elderly.

Traditionally associated with young audiences, streaming services are seeing a significant increase in audiences among older audiences, who have discovered and become enchanted with these productions.

With engaging plots, dramas win the hearts of a generation that was previously less familiar with this genre.

In doing so, they highlight a new facet of entertainment and prove that cultural diversity can attract viewers of all ages.

Dorama became the new soap opera for older audiences

Originally, the term ‘dorama’ comes from the word ‘drama’ in Japanese and was used to specifically describe Japanese television productions of the genre.

Over time, its definition was expanded to encompass any novel or Asian series.

Currently, ‘dramas’ are best known for their variety of origins, including productions from countries such as South Korea, China and Thailand, among others.

Dramas reach a new audience – Image: Reproduction

Among such works, the popular ‘K-dramas’ or ‘Korean dramas’ stand out, which have gained a large fan base around the world due to their engaging stories and production quality.

Rosaly Maria Stefani, a 77-year-old retiree, found fascination in the productions, despite portraying customs that are different from Brazilian reality.

She highlights the notable presence of elderly people in the casts of these plots, highlighting that Korean dramas greatly value history and ancestors, a characteristic that she perceives as unique in comparison to the national culture.

Maria Aparecida Icasatti, 62 years old retired and owner of a thrift store, highlights that one of the attractive aspects of dramas is their innocence and the absence of explicit content.

She appreciates that the stories are light and don’t have the more striking or appealing elements found in other stories. series and soap operas.

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