Green Lantern discovers a unique characteristic of humans in the DC universe

A Earth, located in Sector 2814, stands out as the only post protected by the Green Lantern Corps with more than two protectors. Notable members of this team include Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.

In addition to them, there are also prominent newcomers, including Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz and Keli Quintela, totaling more than ten members.

A big secret is revealed in the DC universe

A quirk of Earth in the Green Lantern universe was explained by DC Comics years ago, but a new story in comics now reaffirms why humans are unique among DC’s diverse aliens.

During writer Geoff Johns’ notable stint in the Green Lantern universe in the 2000s, the mythology he created had already addressed the reason why Earth is the only sector with so many Green Lanterns.

Contrary to the protocol of Guardians of the Universewhich suggests only two members per sector, the explanation lies in the origin of life throughout the DC Universe, which would have started on our planet.

Humans, being the first beings to experience and develop all layers of the emotional spectrum, stand out as unique in this regard.

In short, humans possess the unique ability to deeply feel all of the world’s most powerful and fundamental emotions. DC Universe.

This characteristic was already evidenced in the 2007 ‘War of the Rings’ saga, when, faced with an invasion by the Sinestro Corps in Coast City, the human Green Lanterns instigated the population to resist, which resulted in a collective demonstration of courage, support and trust.

Humans stayed to support the Green Lanterns in Coast City during the War of the Rings. – Image: Reproduction/DC Comics

Green Lantern Corps

To be selected by the Green Lantern Corps, it is necessary to possess remarkable willpower and courage, overcoming fear.

Exemplifying this, Hal Jordan, known for his exceptional qualities in these attributes, recently demonstrated his ability to face the villain Sinestro.

Faced with a plot to instill fear in the Earthling population, Jordan interrupts a live broadcast to assure viewers that Sinestro’s strategy will not work.

He emphasizes that, of all the alien life forms he has ever encountered, none possess the incredible courage inherent in humanity.

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Thus, Hal Jordan, the Green Lanternconfirms that, among all beings in the DC Universe, humans are truly unique in their ability to develop and explore emotions in a broad and intense way.

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