Gotham City: the birthplace of evil? DC reveals why so many villains choose the city

[Atenção: este texto contém spoilers de ‘The Penguin #4’.]

Every superhero has a city to protect, which consequently also has a series of villains.

However, in the DC Comics universe, it seems that Gotham City has a special decoy for evildoers of all types.

Among the most famous names found there, we can mention the Riddler, the Joker, the Mad Hatter, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, among others who make the lives of citizens and Batman a real ordeal.

But is there anything that explains why the metropolis was chosen to house so many criminals?

Currently, there are several theories willing to explain this phenomenon. One of the most famous on the internet attributes responsibility to Batman.

According to this thesis, the hero’s presence would act as an incentive for the presence of common criminals and supervillains.

However, the comics can offer a more assertive answer to fans, even more so now that the Penguin returns to the path of crime.

The villain can reveal the real reason why the city becomes home to an absurd amount of suspicious people.

After all, why is there so much villainy in Gotham?

Penguin explains his theory to an old love – Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

In ‘The Penguin #4’, recently released, the villain makes an interesting analogy, comparing Gotham City with Las Vegas, the famous city full of casinos and gambling.

He claims that even with all the horrors, vices and luxuries that occur in Las Vegas, it is nothing compared to Gotham City.

According to this logic, the criminals would go to Gotham, Batman’s territory, as if this area were a proving ground, where corruption and crime could be tested to the limit.

After all, even with all his preparation and technology, Bruce Wayne still wouldn’t be able to curb all illegalities at the same time.

In short, according to the Penguin, no bad person has made a place in the world until he has made it in the dark alleys of Gotham. That would be the real reason why so many bad people were gathered in one place.

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Finally, this argument calls into question the theory that blames Batman for the cluster of villains in the city.

The problem would be more linked to the metropolis’ reputation as an environment where corruption and crime organized can flourish without many obstacles.