From action to comedy: Netflix receives new titles in March; check out

With March at the door, entertainment lovers have plenty of reasons to be excited about the news that Netflix has prepared for next month.

With its reputation for bringing an impressive variety of films and series to each new cycle, the streaming giant promises to once again surprise and captivate its audience.

Get ready to dive into an ocean of possibilities, where each title seems tailor-made to suit every taste and preference.

From exciting cinematic releases to original series that will keep viewers glued to the screen, Netflix spared no effort to provide a diverse entertainment experience.

Subscribers can look forward to an eclectic mix of genres, from gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, thrilling adventures and even heart-pounding thrillers.

Whatever your mood or interest, Netflix has something prepared for every member of its audience.

So, prepare the popcorn, curl up on the couch and be ready to embark on an exciting journey through the screen, as March promises to be a month full of unforgettable moments brought to you by Netflix.

Films and series that will cause this next month – Image: Netflix/Reproduction

Netflix news


  • ‘The Astronaut’: March 1st

  • ‘Ammonite’: March 1st

  • ‘My Name is Loh Kiwan’: March 1

  • ‘Maiden’: March 8

  • ‘Halloween Kills – The terror continues’: March 11

  • ‘Irish Request’: March 15

  • ‘Shirley for President’: March 22

  • ‘Dear Evan Hansen’: March 27

  • ‘Exorcist for Hire: Easter’: March 27

  • ‘Jogo Bonito’: March 29

  • ‘The Wages of Fear’: March 29


  • ‘Crime Tycoons’: March 7

  • ‘The Signal’: March 7

  • ‘Vidrados’ – 4th season: March 8

  • ‘Queen of Tears’: March 9

  • ‘Young Royals’ – Season 3: March 11

  • ‘Banditage’: March 13

  • ‘Girls5eva’ – Season 3: March 14

  • ‘Chicken Nugget’: March 15

  • ‘The Battle of the 100’ – Season 2: March 19

  • ‘The 3-Body Problem’: March 21

  • ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ – Season 1: March 27

  • ‘One Piece: Egghead’: March 31

Documentaries and special series

  1. ‘The Netflix Slam’: March 3

  2. ‘Golf Days’ – Season 2: March 6

  3. ‘Turning Point: The bomb and the Cold War‘: March 12

  4. ‘Young Royals Forever’: March 18

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