Free Comic Book Day: the best event for comic book lovers arrives in Brazil soon

O Free Comic Book Day 2023, also known as Virada Nerd, is about to shake up the Brazilian cultural scene. This one event, organized by publisher Devir in collaboration with Panini and Todavia, is preparing for its sixth edition on national soil, which takes place on December 16th and 17th. An amazing gift for comic book lovers!

What is Free Comic Book Day?

The Day of Comic Free is a celebration inspired by the famous Free Comic Book Day from United States. Just like the original event, its goal is to promote comic book culture and, of course, provide fun. In Brazil, the event extends throughout the country, with the participation of stores that distribute special comics for free.

The 2023 edition promises to be even more exciting. The three publishers, Devir, Panini and Todavia, are preparing a list of high quality comics for the Brazilian public.

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Devir, as the organizer of the event, will not leave comic fans disappointed. They announced the free distribution of volumes of exciting titles such as “Black Science”, “Laila Starr” and “Rain”. These stories are unique and were prepared especially for Free Comic Book Day.


A Panini, a giant in the comic book universe, is also ready to surprise participants. It plans to make “Spider-Man”, “Venom” and “Aurora” comics available. So fans of the Marvel and DC universes will find a wide variety of stories to delight in.


Todavia, another renowned publisher, is contributing to the event by making “Santos” comics available for free. This is a unique opportunity to delve into this unique narrative and explore the talent of comic book creators.

All of these editions were created exclusively for Free Comic Book Day and contain special stories or initial chapters of series. It’s a great chance to discover new universes and characters without spending a penny.

How to participate?

For those who want to make the most of Free Comic Book Day 2023, it’s essential to know where to find these gems. The list of participating comic shops and bookstores can be found on the event’s official website.

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So, reserve these dates, December 16th and 17th, to dive into the world of comics for free. Don’t miss the opportunity to add some exclusive editions to your collection or simply enjoy exciting new stories.