Find out why Gotham City has so many villains

[Atenção: este texto contém spoilers de ‘O Pinguim #4’]

Gotham City, home of Batmanis a metropolis infested with evil criminals, where every corner hides danger and decay.

The return of one of the most striking villains, the Penguin, brings with it a deeper look into the true reason why the darkest villains are attracted to the streets of this city.

Discover why Gotham is so dangerous

Many of Gotham’s villains would be there with or without Batman – Image: Hey Nerd/Reproduction

In ‘The Penguin #4’, written by Tom King and illustrated by Rafael de Latorre, shows the truth behind the proliferation of criminals in the place.

The Penguin, known for his antics and dirty tricks, shares with readers his vision of the Batman’s home.

He explains that all of man’s sin ends up there to fester and then prosper, comparing the city to a proving ground for crime and corruption.

This perspective of Oswald the Penguin sheds new light on the city, suggesting that Gotham is a magnet for villains seeking control and power.

The villain’s analogy with Las Vegas, describing it as a desert where shadows multiply, reinforces the idea that criminals see Gotham as a territory to be conquered, regardless of Batman’s presence or absence.

Although the figure of the Dark Knight has been a significant influence on some of Gotham’s most infamous villains, such as the Joker, whose obsession with making Batman’s life a misery is more than obvious, the city’s attraction appears to extend beyond the vigilante. .

O Penguin asserts that ruling Gotham is the true test of criminal mastery, an achievement few have achieved but many aspire to achieve.

Such an interpretation adds very interesting layers to the narrative, unveiling why the city is a magnet for the worst criminals, creating an environment where evil thrives, and thus challenges even Batman.

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