Film about Kojima does not appear on Brazilian Disney+

The admirers of Hideo Kojima were honored with the launch of the long-awaited documentary ‘Connecting Worlds’, last Friday (23), on the Disney+ streaming platform.

However, to the disappointment of all Brazilian fans, the production does not appear in the catalog of the national version of the service. And no one was happy about it.

Waiting for official position

Fans’ frustration increases when they search for Hideo Kojima or ‘Connecting Worlds’ on Disney+ Brazilian, without obtaining results.

Even attempts to access the film link for regions such as the United States or United Kingdom result in the message: “The requested media is not available”.

‘Connecting Worlds’ promises to provide viewers with an immersion into the creative mind of Hideo Kojima, one of the most iconic video game creators in the world.

The documentary offers a rare look into Kojima’s creative process as he launched his independent studio, Kojima Productions. Watch the official trailer:

Hideo Kojima, born in August 1963, is a Japanese video game designer known for his work at Konami.

Creator of popular series such as the successful ‘metalgear,‘ ‘Snatcher’, ‘Policenauts’, ‘Zone of the Enders’, ‘Boktai’ and the current ‘Death Stranding’, Kojima is recognized as one of the most influential and innovative directors and screenwriters in the gaming industry.

However, for Brazilian fans, uncertainty persists regarding the future availability of the documentary here.

There is no information about the possible arrival of the film in Brazil, and fans are left to wait for an official position from the streaming service on the situation.

The doubt remains as to whether the unavailability is a matter of deadline, whether the documentary will be made available later due to localization options, or whether, unfortunately, it will not be available to the Brazilian public at any time.

The anxiety continues as fans wait for an official statement from Disney+ about the arrival of ‘Connecting Worlds’ to Brazil.

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