Famous library offers free course on comics – join!

The Parque Villas-Lobos Library offers an unmissable opportunity for lovers of comics.

The “HQ in Practice” course, taught by renowned cartoonist Caco Galhardo, is a learning journey that aims to enable participants to conceive, draw and complete their own creations in the world of comics.

The meetings will last until December 14th, providing a fertile environment for artistic expression and the development of talents.

Library offers free comic book course

Image: Bruno Poletti/Folhapress/Reproduction

In this course, participants will be immersed in all stages of an authorial work in comics, regardless of whether they are strips, cartoons, cartoons or graphic novels.

Classes will cover a wide range of essential topics for creating comics, including creative process, speech, drawing style, character development, construction of fictional universes, illustration techniques, creation methodology, art-finishing, letters, composition, use of colors and even publishing.

A notable feature of this course is the in-depth analysis of the work of established cartoonists, as well as an exploration of the creations of the new generation of talent in the world of comics.

This factor provides participants with a broad understanding of the current comics landscape and inspiration for their own creative journeys.

At the end, each participant will have developed an authorial work, which can range from a humor strip to a graphic novel complete.

This creation will be ready to be sent to publishers, offering a real opportunity to share the work with a wider audience.

It is worth mentioning that the printing costs are borne by the students, who are responsible for making the publication of their creations possible.

Find out how to participate in the course

Image: Caco Galhardo/Reproduction

Caco Galhardo, a renowned professional in the world of comics, will be present throughout the completion process, providing valuable guidance and feedback to participants. Their expertise and support will ensure that each work reaches its full potential.

The course is held in person at the Parque Villa-Lobos Library and has a limit of 30 places.

It is aimed at participants aged 15 and over who want to explore the world of comic books. Classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, until December 14th, from 3pm to 5pm.

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Registration is now open and can be done at Parque Villa-Lobos Library website. This is a unique opportunity to enter the fascinating universe of comics and develop artistic skills under the guidance of a talented professional.

If you’ve always dreamed of creating your own comic books, this course is the ideal platform to bring your ideas and talents to life.