Failed? Emmy Awards 2023 confirms drop in recurring audience

The annual celebration of Emmy Awardswhich highlights the best of television and streaming, has faced a persistent challenge in recent years: a continued decline in viewership.

The 2023 edition was no exception, recording just 4.3 million viewers, a significant decrease from the previous year’s 5.9 million viewers.

Annual downward trend

The downward trajectory in Emmy viewership began in 2018, when the awards show was watched by 10.2 million people.

Since then, with the exception of 2021, all subsequent editions have witnessed a steady decline in the number of viewers.

Production of ‘Succession’ on stage at the 2024 Emmy Awards – Image: Valerie Macon/Reproduction

Fox, in charge of broadcasting the event, offered explanations for the decreasing numbers.

In a press release, the broadcaster highlighted the postponement of the Emmys from September 2023 to January this year, due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood as a significant factor in the drop in ratings.

Postponement and competition with the NFL

The postponement of the Emmys put the award show on a collision course with the decisive phase of the National Football League (NFL) playoffs, the most watched sport in the United States.

Fox highlighted that this coincidence directly affected the audience, as it was divided between the ceremony and the American football games.

The challenge of competing with one of the most popular sporting events in the US has raised questions about the awards calendar and how it might impact public participation.

O Emmy Awardsaffectionately called the Emmy, is the most prestigious award given to television programs and professionals.

With a history dating back decades, the ceremony encompasses several events throughout the year, honoring different sectors of the television industry.

The Emmy statuette represents a winged woman holding an atom, and the award is considered one of the four biggest in entertainment in the United States, alongside the Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

Despite recent ratings challenges, the Emmys remain an important milestone for excellence in television, and the industry now faces crucial questions about how to revitalize public interest in television awards events.

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