Every Disney fan will love it: new partnership between Crocs and ‘Toy Story’ surprises

When the Crocs emerged, the success of the brand became so great that this style of shoe was known by the brand name, even though it was from another company.

Recently, Crocs announced a partnership for new shoes with one of Crocs’ biggest hits. Disneythe series ‘Toy Story’.

Collaboration between Crocs and ‘Toy Story’

Crocs X ‘Toy Story’ Classic Clogs Collection – Image: Crocs/Estadão

The duo Woody and Buzz Lightyear made many people fall in love with the story told in the films from the ‘Toy Story’ series, and to this day it is one of ‘Pixar’s’ biggest hits.

This duo, which brings smiles to generations, will be together once again at the launch of Crocs.

This version of the shoes comes with two limited editions. One refers to Disney’s most famous sheriff, and the other to the astronaut who made the phrase ‘to infinity and beyond’ famous.

Although the company has already collaborated with the film, this new shoe brings more details about these characters.

Woody’s Crocs features the clothing details of this much-loved toy. ‘Toy Story’. With a cow and checkered print, it faithfully represents the doll’s most striking features.

Furthermore, it has red details to represent the bandana that the character wears around his neck and the brown strap, which symbolizes the leather of the boot.

Last but not least, inside one of the Crocs, it is possible to find the signature of ‘Andy’, the owner of the toys in the film.

This detail is very important for long-time fans of this production. To make the shoe even more reminiscent of the doll, you can add cowboy hat and sheriff star pins.

Buzz Lightyear’s Crocs were made to give the idea of ​​more technology, with the doll’s most striking colors: purple, green and gray.

It also features some specific Buzz impressions, such as the “Space Ranger” symbol, which, in the film, features soldiers who fight in space, like Buzz.

Just like the Crocs of the sheriff, Buzz’s also have exclusive pins, in this case, his spaceship and his most famous phrase ‘to infinity and beyond’.

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