Entertainment multiverse: company opens space for Marvel and DC creations

Over the past 30 or 40 years, the universe of comic book publishers has undergone a remarkable transformation: from being mere storytellers, publishers have become fertile ground for the creation of intellectual properties aimed at various entertainment mediums, from merchandising to films. and series.

In this scenario of evolution, Ghost Machine enters the scene, bringing with it the vision of renowned authors from Marvel and DC Comics. This is because the company is not content with just producing good comic books.

Instead, she has a clear intention to transform these stories into versatile intellectual properties, ready to be explored across multiple facets of entertainment.

The masters behind the Ghost Machine

Ghost Machine is made up of a group of renowned creators, including:

  • Geoff Johns: this writer achieved recognition by revitalizing the essential pillars of DC Comics, modernizing them for new generations, through works such as “Green Lantern”, “Justice Society” and “Stargirl”.
  • Brad Meltzer: recognized for his suspense stories, Meltzer conquered the world of comics with the remarkable saga “Identity Crisis” and his contribution to the “Green Arrow” universe.
  • Gary Frank: an illustrator who gained notoriety with his work on “Hulk” and became a frequent collaborator with Johns, notably on the “Doomsday Clock” maxi-series.
  • Bryan Hitch: with his realistic style and action-packed pages, Hitch is responsible for popularizing “The Ultimates”, an alternative version of the Avengers that influenced the Marvel Studios versions.

Image: Reproduction/Ghost Machine

In addition to these names, the aforementioned company also has the talent of Francis Manapul, Jason Fabok, Lamont Magee, Maytal Zchut and veteran Peter Tomasi.

Together, they committed to dedicating themselves exclusively to the new company after completing projects at other publishers. Since Ghost Machine’s official announcement, new members have joined the team, and there are still others to be confirmed.

Ghost Machine’s plans are promising

Other titles are planned by the company, although with few details available so far. Among them, “Redcoat” stands out, which apparently has ties to the Civil War and is written by Johns with drawings by Hitch.

“The Rocketfellers”, by Tomasi and Manapul, takes place in a world of family sagas and will take center stage. Additionally, a title set in a horror universe, with an as-yet-unrevealed name, is also on the way.

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The concept behind Ghost Machine is for each group of creators to work on a central title within their own universe, generating miniseries, magazines and characters interconnected to this backbone.

The presence of TV and streaming producers and writers on the Ghost Machine team indicates that the chances of these properties becoming transmedia attractions are quite promising.

A notable example of this is “Geiger”, by Johns and Frank, whose copyright has already been negotiated with Paramount, indicating a future film adaptation.

Ghost Machine is an exciting initiative that brings together some of the brightest names from the most renowned comic book publishers.

With its emphasis on creating captivating stories and the exploration of intellectual properties across various media, we can expect an exciting future for fans of comics and entertainment in general.