‘Dragon Ball’: 40 years of the work will be celebrated with new anime and world tour

Get ready for an epic celebration as ‘Dragon Ball’, the iconic anime and manga series, reaches the incredible milestone of 40 years in 2024.

To mark this special occasion, Toei Animation is organizing a global celebration that will last throughout the year and will touch fans in many countries.

One of the big surprises prepared for fans is the release of a new anime titled ‘Dragon Ball DAIMA‘.

Scheduled to premiere at the end of next year, the web series promises an interesting twist by transforming all the characters into children through a spell.

‘Dragon Ball DAIMA’ is the new anime scheduled to debut in 2024

As revealed by an insider recognized on social media as Geekdom101, ‘Dragon Ball DAIMA’ will be rated PG-13, which indicates an intention to return to the violence characteristic of the first fights in the series. The content promises to delve into this intensity from its first transmission.

The proposal for ‘Dragon Ball DAIMA’ is an intriguing experiment that will respect the original story of ‘Dragon Ball‘, but will explore an independent path, not tied to the past or future events of the anime.

The expectation for October 2024 and the journey through the world of ‘Dragon Ball’

‘Dragon Ball’ will go on a world tour with a show and other events in 2024 – Image: Toei Animation/Reproduction

Rumors suggest that fans can expect ‘Dragon Ball DAIMA’ to arrive in October 2024, and as a web series, it is likely to be available on streaming services to the delight of global fans.

Beyond the expected animeToei Animation plans a world tour, possibly accompanied by Akira Toriyama himself at some events.

The initiative intends to hold shows, exhibitions and events that involve the entire ‘Dragon Ball’ fan community, one of the largest and most dedicated in the anime universe.

Get ready for an unforgettable year, in which ‘Dragon Ball’ fans will be able to delve even deeper into the magical universe that has captivated generations around the world.

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