‘Dragon Ball’: themed restaurant even has a dish with dragon balls

If you are a true ‘Dragon Ball’ aficionado and are about to explore the wonders of Japanreserve a special place on your itinerary for a unique gastronomic experience at Danke Dinning, a restaurant located in the charming city of Nagoya.

A gastronomic experience for anime fans

Japanese restaurant – Image: Tripadvisor/Reproduction

On the Danke Dinning menu, you will find a surprise specially prepared for fans of the anime: the ‘Dragon Ball Nabe’!

This exclusive dish captivates not only the palate, but also the imagination of ‘Dragon Ball’ lovers.

Get ready for a visually stunning experience. ‘Dragon Ball Nabe’ features collagen jelly balls with carrot stars arranged to recreate the iconic Dragon Balls.

In addition to the magic of the Dragon Balls, the dish is carefully prepared with a mix of delicious ingredients.

Fresh vegetables, succulent meats and legumes combine harmoniously to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Dish from the Danke Dinning restaurant – Image: Foodbeast/Reproduction

Each bite will be a delight for both your eyes and your palate! It will definitely be worth the experience.

The success of ‘Dragon Ball’

Toei Animation’s most recent fiscal report reveals impressive numbers, consolidating the franchise as the absolute leader in sales and profitability.

In the period from April 2019 to March 2020, ‘Dragon Ball’ generated surprising revenue of 19.8 billion yen, equivalent to more than one billion reais, considering the price of the period!

This result reflects the franchise’s extraordinary performance in several areas, standing out in sales of films and licenses both in the Japanese market and abroad.

The success opened the door to 24 films, almost 50 video games and a series of legacies! Thus, ‘Dragon Ball’ became the gateway to the manga and anime universe for artists and fans around the world.

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