‘Dragon Ball’: Akira Toriyama reveals the secret behind Tien’s 3 eyes

Dragon Ball‘ is one of the most popular anime to be shown in the West and, over the seasons, it has gained an increasingly greater variety of creatures, fighters and alien races.

Despite this, when the manga began, there was not yet this great diversity of characters.

At that time, one of the characters that attracted the most attention was Tenshinhan, a fighter with fantastic skills who has a third eye on his forehead, a peculiarity that arouses a lot of curiosity among fans.

Having initially been introduced as an antagonist, it didn’t take long for him and his friend Chaos to befriend Goku and his gang.

After all, is Tien really human?

Tenshinhan and his friend Chaos – Image: DitoCinema/Reproduction

When everyone discovered that Goku was actually a member of a race from another planet, many people were amazed.

Today, the concept of saiyans It’s quite common and no one is surprised anymore. Now, the protagonist isn’t the only alien in the group; Tenshinhan also has part of his origin in the stars.

According to the series creator, Akira Toriyama, the warrior would not be a purebred extraterrestrial, but rather a descendant of a species from space, which chose Earth as its home a long time ago.

However, unfortunately, there is not much additional information about these people. The only thing that is known is that they all had three eyes, and this is a hereditary characteristic.

Although the character is practically a human being, he inherited this curious genetic trait from his ancestors. aliens.

Toriyama even states that these beings could see the truth through this extra eye, although Tenshinhan lost this ability due to being a villain when the franchise’s story began. Such power would only be accessible if the person had a good heart.

Although the fighter later regenerated, it was already too late to be able to develop this gift. Therefore, this is the official version given by the series creator for the origin of this man.

Despite this, other explanations have already been presented in games based on ‘Dragon Ball‘.

In The Legacy of Goku II, it was explained that he had reached an evolved stage of mental strength, known as ‘enlightened Buddhahood’.

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Finally, this data provided by games should be viewed with caution, as they are not absolute truths!

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