Crossover of the century: AI mixes Marvel heroes with Pokémon

If there is something that leaves fans warm-hearted and excited, it is definitely the crossovers.

In some cases, they can be so random that they catch the attention of even those who are not connected to pop culture, in addition to making fans yearn for new adaptations. This is the case with illustrations that mix Pokémon and Marvel heroes.

The drawings were created by artificial intelligence (AI) and published on the AI ​​Dreams profile on Instagram. It’s the kind of combination that no one asked for, but that everyone loves when they come face to face with the characters.

The perfect aesthetic

Something that attracted fans of both universes is that the combinations fit together very well.

Popular Pokémon were used as size and shape references, but the colors are completely based on Marvel characters. In fact, some of them even look better than the originals.

Still, they are “fakémon”, as Pokémon created by fans and not officially called.

War Machine

Among everyone on the list, War Machine has one of the coolest designs. He is from the iron element and stands out for his serious face.

War Machine if it were a Pokémon – Image: Instagram/@the_AI_Dreams/Reproduction


Already Loki, for example, became a friendly dragon of the water element. However, not much has changed between its evolutions.

Loki if he were a Pokémon – Image: Instagram/@the_AI_Dreams/Reproduction

Doctor Strange

Based on Pokémon Eva, Doctor Strange was one of those who most caught the attention of Marvel fans.

Furthermore, the psychic category completely matched the abilities of both characters. Of course, it also stood out for being one of the cutest in the gallery.

Dr. Strange if he were a Pokémon – Image: Instagram/@the_AI_Dreams/Reproduction


If the objective is to imagine a Pokémon with a plant and fighting style, Hulk would be exactly the character to be used as a reference. Thus, the AI ​​managed to do well and make a unique “fakémon”.

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Hulk if he were a Pokémon – Image: Instagram/@the_AI_Dreams/Reproduction


Thor He is the one who most differs from the original character, as his evolution is practically an ami-malesque version of one of the strongest heroes in the cinematic universe. Of course, like a good electrician, he is also a fighter.

Thor if he were a Pokémon – Image: Instagram/@the_AI_Dreams/Reproduction

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