CONTROVERSY: Jack Kirby’s son openly criticizes documentary about Stan Lee

Neal Kirby, son of legendary comic artist Jack Kirby, openly criticized the documentary “Stan Lee“, released on Disney+.

In a letter released via Twitter on the 17th, Saturday, through his son, Neal expressed his dissatisfaction with the production, claiming that it gives credit to Lee for creations that are not just his, in addition to spending almost all of his time minimizing the his father’s work.

In the official statement, Neal Kirby points out that Stan Lee enjoyed a prominent voice in the media for a very long period of time and took advantage of this privileged position to become the face of Marvel.

See Jack Kirby’s son’s statement about the documentary ‘Stan Lee’

He highlights that for many years, Lee was the only man credited with creating Marvel’s iconic characters and, due to his longevity, he was also the last.

Neal questions the fact that Lee is considered co-creator of most Marvel characters between 1960 and 1966, excluding only “Silver Surfer“, who was raised solely by his father.

Neal Kirby also raises the question of whether Lee had any real input into the creation of all these characters, asking if there were any co-creators who came into Lee’s office and pitched their ideas for characters.

He points out that Stan Lee enjoyed decades of publicity thanks to Marvel films, while his father didn’t have the same visibility.

For Neal, it is crucial that reality be established in this specific chapter of art history, especially when there is so much debate surrounding the artificial intelligence (IA) and copyright.

Jack Kirby’s son mentions that the first time his father received credit for one of his creations in cinema was only in 2008, at the end of the film “Iron Man”, where his name appears after Lee, Don Heck and Lassy Lieber.

He emphasizes that the battle over copyright has been going on for centuries and highlights the importance of getting things right with reality.

Who was Stan Lee?

Stan Lee was a renowned screenwriter and editor-in-chief of marvel comics in the 1960s, and was a producer on most of the films released by MCU. The documentary about his life and work is available on Disney+.

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