Classic films that have approached AI from various perspectives

Currently, there is much discussion about the artificial intelligence in films, not only as a theme, but also as a tool to make them.

What few people know is that this subject has been portrayed on big screens for a long time, even if discreetly.

How AI appears in films

AI has already been portrayed a lot in films released before its real presence – Image: Just_Super/Canva Pro/Reproduction


Anyone who likes science fiction knows that ‘The Matrix’ is a great classic, as it addresses a society in which beings have no real freedom.

In this case, they are controlled by a well-disguised AI, and only those who choose to know about it are able to see the problem.

The main focus of the plot is the epic fight between humans and machines. In this work, humans have become slaves to AI, some do not even realize what they are experiencing and continue their lives normally. However, everything changes when a hacker is called into this fight.


Due to its beautiful illustration and script created for children, the existence of AI almost goes unnoticed by viewers of the show. film.

Wall-E himself is a great example of artificial intelligence created to help humans after pollution took over the world.

The robot makes decisions, has feelings and lives adventures every day as an Artificial Intelligence seeking to take care of the Earth.

‘Terminator 2 – Judgment Day’

This work initially presents a more positive view of AI. In it, a robot comes from the future to protect a teenager who is in danger.

The human is in danger from another robot, who also came from the future after this same person. The entire saga of ‘The Terminator’ addresses artificial intelligence.

‘Ex Machina: Artificial Instinct’

The film’s script follows a programmer who comes into contact with a humanoid robot controlled by artificial intelligence.

Upon meeting the new being, one realizes the machine’s ability to act in a way that is increasingly similar to humans.

Because of this, the main character becomes attached to the robotwhich generates several conflicts, both within the character’s mind and with others in the plot.

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