Classic comics arrive in Brazil after a CENTURY of waiting; check the titles

After a wait of exactly 25 years, Brazilian readers finally have the opportunity to revisit The Spirit“, one of the most iconic comic book classics of all time.

Created by Will Eisner in 1940, the title had few appearances over the years in the country, the last being in 1997.

However, in a movement to update the comicspublisher JBraga celebrates 80 years of “Spirit” with the launch of the anniversary edition that features short stories.

With the growth of the sector in recent years, publishers have dedicated themselves more to classics of the genre.

Photo: Skript/Reproduction

Old comics never released in Brazil will arrive this year

And “Spirit” isn’t the only surprise for comic book lovers, you know? This is because other publishers are also bringing more news for those who love collecting comic books and want to revisit classic works.

Figura, one of the publishers that has stood out for investing in this type of content, launched special editions by renowned Italian artist Sergio Toppi.

Now, they bring the material to Brazil older from their catalog: “Little Nemo”, a classic of Sunday strips in the United States.

Created by Winsor McCay, this work is widely recognized as one of the greatest exponents of comics. First published in 1905, the story follows the fascinating adventures of young Nemo in a world of dreams.

The publisher Pipoca & Nanquim took on an even greater challenge and launched the comic “Maxwell, the magical cat” in Brazil. The strip character marked the beginning of the career of renowned British author Alan Moore.

But after finalizing the publishing contract, the publishers discovered that they did not have the necessary materials and so began a search among other licensors around the world, as well as among fans, to recover these precious construction.

Publication of old comics deviates from the superhero convention

In other words, everyone will benefit from these great new features that are coming to those who consume comics. Mainly those that were a real hit and success in the 20th century and were not found so easily.

For you to find out more details about the comics that are coming, it is important to keep an eye on specialized stores and bookstores, in addition to checking out the news that arrives here, on Multiverse News!

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