Billie Eilish does something unusual on actress’s face at pre-Oscar awards

The SAG Awards night was the scene of an unusual and memorable meeting between Melissa McCarthy and Billie Eilish.

The 53-year-old actress had her forehead autographed by the young 22-year-old singer, jokingly promising to abandon her skin care routine from then on.

The interaction, which quickly became one of the highlights of the event, was shared by McCarthy on his Instagram account, in which he expressed his joy at fulfilling a long-held wish.

A date to remember

The comical moment did not go unnoticed by celebrities and the media. Reese Witherspoon and Netflix, responsible for broadcasting the event, made a point of commenting on the publication, demonstrating their amusement with the situation.

Even the Sharpie brand, whose pen was used for the autograph, celebrated the event on its social networks.

During the presentation of the Best actress in a comedy series, McCarthy revealed a special bond with Eilish, reminding the singer of past encounters and sharing a curious, ancient connection.

The actress mentioned that Eilish’s mother, her first improv teacher, was pregnant with the singer during class, adding a personal touch to the already lively exchange between them.

The signature that became news

Inspired by a desire to create lasting memories, McCarthy initially asked Eilish to sign her dress.

Given the singer’s hesitation, he then proposed that the autograph be signed on her forehead. Eilish, excited, accepted the request, adding a small heart next to her signature, to the delight of those present.

Billie Eilish autographs Melissa McCarthy’s forehead – Image: New York Post/Reproduction

The dialogue between the two continued with McCarthy questioning Eilish about her creative process in the song, at which point the singer, in a playful gesture, placed her hand over the actress’s mouth, suggesting that that silent interaction was even more significant, symbolizing lightness. and the spontaneity who arranged the meeting.

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