Autobot Secrets: How Do ‘Transformers’ Deal With The Damage Of Battle?

An intriguing question that has emerged in recent weeks on social media has sparked curiosity about a peculiar aspect of ‘Transformers‘: How do these robotic aliens deal with the damage they take in epic battles?

It’s really anyone’s guess whether they change tires or perform body repairs, but there are theories and clues that shed light on this intriguing enigma.

Theories about Transformers repairs

The films have always shown Transformers vehicles to be impeccable, even after intense confrontations that leave visible marks, such as dented parts, spilled oil and scratched paint.

The absence of repair scenes leads us to question whether they regenerate on their own or if they depend on human intervention.

To seek answers, it is necessary to delve into the comics from ‘Transformers’. In some editions, characters such as the Autobot Hoist perform regular ‘check-ups’ on their teammates.

This suggests the existence of methods to exchange parts or perform maintenance, adapting to terrestrial needs after the arrival of the ‘Transformers’ on Earth.

Image: Paramount/Hasbro/Reproduction

Energon, the life energy for the ‘Transformers’, is capable of revitalizing them, but may not resolve all damage. Obtaining large amounts of energon is crucial to reviving a Transformer, something that is not very abundant on the planet.

In the films, we see the Autobots interacting with humans, including scientists and mechanics. This suggests that, in addition to studying cybernetic technology, these humans can perform body repairs or even change damaged tires.

An intriguing theory speculates that the oil, which functions as the ‘blood’ of Cybertronians, may possess nanobots similar to human white blood cells. These robotic entities could speed up the ‘Transformers’ recovery.

Although there is no constant need to change parts, as in real cars, repairs, oil changes, cleaning and polishing can be considered part of the ‘Transformers’ care routine. This is almost like a form of vanity, similar to regular hygiene or even ‘makeup’.

The mysteries behind the ‘Transformers’ regeneration continue to intrigue, but these theories and clues offer fascinating insights into how these alien beings robotics deal with the ravages of their intergalactic battles.

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