Are you a fan of manga? Hideo Kojima too! Check out 3 titles recommended by the developer

Hideo Kojima, the renowned video game designer, writer, director and producer, recently made his recommendations for manga which he considers essential to read in this life.

As an influential figure in the entertainment industry and a creator known for his innovative approaches, Kojima’s suggestions certainly carry significant weight for fans of manga and pop culture in general.

Kojima and the manga

One aspect that surprised many people is that Kojima is a manga fan. Although he is primarily known for his significant contribution to the video game industry and other acclaimed projects, the fact that Kojima also has an interest and appreciation for manga was an intriguing revelation for many fans.

The developer gained international prominence with the launch of the game “Metal Gear Solid” for PlayStation. He is known for his innovative approach to storytelling and game design, combining cinematic elements with complex gameplay.

Photo: Alpha Beta/ Reproduction

In 2015, Kojima left Konami and founded his own game studio called Kojima Productions. Already at his new company, he released the game “Death Stranding” in 2019, which was praised for its artistic direction and unique narrative.

In addition to his work in games, Hideo Kojima is also known for his social media presence, where he shares updates about his projects and ideas, as well as his passion for film, music, and pop culture.

Hideo surprised his followers by sharing a post on his Twitter account. In that post, Kojima revealed that he was recommending three specific manga to a close friend, but took the opportunity to encourage his fans to also dive into these readings.

The titles mentioned by Kojima are “Kamen Rider”, by Shotaro Ishinomori; “Devilman”, by Go Nagai; and “Gyo”, by Junji Ito.

1. ‘Kamen Rider’

“Kamen Rider” is a manga series that features heroes named after the series. One of the central elements of the story is an evil organization known as the Shocker, which aims to dominate the world. She performs nefarious experiments on human beings, trying to turn them into cyborgs.

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The organization uses a variety of methods to recruit members into its facilities, including brainwashing, blackmail and manipulation.

To combat this threat, the Kamen Riders emerge, who receive special powers and transform into warriors to fight the Shocker and protect humanity.

2. ‘Devilman’

Another recommendation from Kojima is “Devilman”, a manga series that combines action, horror and supernatural elements. The story follows Akira Fudo, a sensitive young man who becomes Devilman after being possessed by a demon.

With this new form, Akira embarks on a mission to fight the demonic forces that threaten humanity.

3. ‘Gyo’

Thirdly, we have “Gyo”, a horror manga that delves into a world of nightmares and hauntings. The story follows Tadashi and Kaori, a couple who find themselves involved in a macabre event. This is because bizarre and grotesque sea creatures, equipped with mechanical legs, begin to invade the Japanese coast, spreading terror.

As they try to survive this marine apocalypse, the two face the horrors of the unknown and the physical and psychological disturbances caused by these creatures.