Alert to manga fans: Panini surprises and readjusts prices for January 2024

If you are a fan of manga and you love buying new releases, know that from January onwards the situation will get a little more complicated. This is because Panini will readjust the price of those that will be released or reprinted next year.

The change took many people by surprise, as there was no announcement from the Panini. The adjustment was noticed when consumers noticed the increase in pre-sale prices in the publisher’s online store.

She even did a live broadcast on YouTube on October 31st to talk about January’s launches, but didn’t even mention that new prices would be adopted.

If you are part of the group that usually buys manga from the publisher, it is a good idea to keep an eye on these new developments. Featured publications such as “Spy X Family”, “Chainsaw Man“, among others, are included in the change.

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New prices

So that you are not caught by surprise, we will show you in the lines below what the prices will be for some of the main manga sold by Panini.

Prices range from R$37.90 to R$49.90. Look:

R$ 37.90:
  • “Vinland Saga”
  • “Seraph of the End”
R$ 39.90:
  • “Blue Lock”
  • “Blue Period”
  • “Chainsaw Man”, “Gokushufudou”.
  • “Immortal Tatsu”
  • “Kaiju No.8”
  • “Kemono Jihen: Supernatural Incidents”
  • “Mission: Yozakura Family”
  • “Mononogatari: Possessing Spirits”
  • “Girlfriend for Rent”
  • “Oshi no Ko: My Favorite Star”
  • “Sakamoto Days”
  • “Undead Unluck”
  • “Wind Breaker”
  • “In a flash!”
R$ 40.90
  • “Songs of the Night”
  • “Hanako-kun and the Mysteries of Kamome High School”
  • “Insomniacs: Chasing Stars After School”
  • “Komi Can’t Communicate”
  • “Spy x Family”
  • “Vanita’s Memoirs”
R$ 49.90
  • “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”
  • “Sword Art Online”

Uncertainties in sight

From what is known, until then, the adjustment should mainly affect periodical publications made on newsprint or off-white paper.

One thing that is not clear, however, is whether the same will happen with comics sold by Panini and will be launched from February.

In any case, it is important to pay attention to these details so as not to be surprised.

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