Akira Toriyama reveals secret about Ten Shin Han’s 3rd eye in ‘Dragon Ball’

In the universe of ‘Dragon Ball‘, the character Ten Shin Hanwith his three eyes, is one of the most beloved characters in the work, especially in the classic anime series.

Initially an antagonist of Goku in one of the tournaments he participated in as a child, Ten Shin Han represents a fusion of mythology and creativity.

Akira Toriyamathe creator of the series, was inspired by Chinese and Taoist legends to develop this striking characteristic of the character.

The Truth About Ten Shin Han’s Third Eye

In recent statements, Toriyama clarified that the idea of ​​Ten Shin Han’s three eyes arose from his admiration for Chinese culture, a constant source of inspiration in his work.

Character Ten Shin Han performing his technique – Image: Fuji Network System/Reproduction

This element of the character, which could initially be seen as a mere aesthetic choice, actually carries a deeper meaning.

In Chinese traditions, the third eye is often associated with special powers and spiritual vision.

By integrating this concept into Ten Shin Han, Toriyama not only enriched the character’s personality but also paid homage to these cultural influences.

In addition to the cultural aspect, Ten Shin Han’s third eye has practical implications in the narrative of ‘Dragon Ball’.

The character uses this unique characteristic to access and expand his fighting skills, a clear example of the ability to Toriyama in combining design with functionality in the construction of its characters.

Toriyama’s explanation of Ten Shin Han’s three eyes highlights his approach to character creation.

He does not limit himself to conceiving figures for entertainment; His characters are a mix of cultural references and fantastic elements.

The protagonist of ‘Dragon Ball’ himself, Gokuis based on Sun Wukong, protagonist of the Chinese legend ‘The Journey to the West’.

Thus, we realize that Akira Toriyama is not only creative in his works, but also demonstrates deep knowledge of different cultures around the world.

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