After all, why is Batman the leader of the Justice League?

There is no doubt that Bruce Wayne, the Batmanis an extremely intelligent, rich guy with access to frightening and practically unlimited technology.

However, none of this changes the fact that he is a human being. What draws attention is that even without superpowers he became the leader of a group made up of gods, aliens and Amazons. After all, how did this happen?

Bruce has an enviable IQ. In addition to all this, he is a person capable of creating strategies and tactics in a different way, a skill that few people have.

As if that weren’t enough, the millionaire has the ability to think ahead of what is happening at the moment. And all these characteristics would be the reason that made bruce has been chosen for leadership.

In addition to all this, he stands out for having unbreakable willpower. Wayne knows that facing supervillains without being born with superpowers requires a lot of determination and, above all, courage.

But there’s no denying that the money factor also contributed to Batman’s choice as leader of the Justice LeagueAfter all, having a billionaire on your team can be much more useful than it seems.

Batman, in addition to being a superhero, is like a kind of sponsor of the League, that is, he is the one who finances all the technology necessary to keep the team active and defeat crime.

In the Justice League story, it’s as if the Batman represented human resistance in its purest form. This superhero’s indomitable spirit inspires all of his companions, who follow him confidently.

Against enemies and, if necessary, friends

In addition to all the points mentioned so far, something that draws a lot of attention in the Bruce Wayne is that, in addition to having countermeasures against his enemies, he also has ways to defeat his friends. It seems a little contradictory, but it can be extremely important.

Us “New 52” it was possible to see this. All of his companions were being controlled by the Joker, his archenemy. And he managed to stop them, after all, a good leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of both his enemies and his friends.

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That’s why Batman has kryptonite for Superman, for example. In addition to measures to slow down the Flash as well as weaken the Wonder Woman or the Aquaman.

For these and other reasons, Batman is considered by many to be the best hero in the world. DC Comicsin addition to being more prepared to lead the Justice League, one of the most famous teams of heroes in the world.