After 83 years of mystery, Batman finally reveals the truth about Robin

Veteran Batman readers have always wondered how quickly Bruce Wayne managed to adopt both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

After 83 years, we have finally found the answer to this intriguing question.

Batman reveals secret about Robin

To remember, Dick Graysonthe original Robin, entered Bruce Wayne’s life after a terrible tragedy at Haly’s Circus, which resulted in the death of the young man’s parents.

He was later taken in by the billionaire, and although fans accepted this transition through the narrative, how Bruce obtained custody of Dick, without substantial questioning, remained an unsolved enigma.

This mystery is even more intriguing when we consider that an adult is putting a child at risk by making him a partner in the Batman and Robin dynamic.

In the most recent issue of “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20”, during a conversation between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, Batman recalls that the only reason he could adopt Dick Grayson as his pupil was due to his prestige and fortune. family, the Wayne.

In the plot, the billionaire questions Superman if he would be willing to allow a former ally, who he met on Earth-22, from the reality of the “Kingdom Come” saga, to leave again.

Bruce fully recognizes that his name and wealth represent a substantial advantage in many respects, and he is skilled at taking advantage of these resources.

Image: Reproduction/DC Comics

He is also aware that someone like Clark would be subject to much stricter scrutiny from Child Protective Services.

Batman has a keen understanding of his privileged position and the ability to escape the rules that others are forced to follow.

It is important to highlight that bruce He was fully aware that Dick was significantly better off under his tutelage than in the system.

However, if there was any hesitation in admitting that Batman’s wealth allows him to transgress certain norms at critical moments, after 83 years, this evidence shows that he takes action when necessary.

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