According to the main actress, it should be season 2 of The Last of Us

It’s impossible to miss at the start of the year: The Last of Us series is snatching up anything that gets in its way. It should be said that the adaptation is expected by the fans of the game next, it has risen to the rankings.cult business in the video game landscape and that HBO has been able to live up to expectations. Almost unanimously, the series is a masterpiece – at least its first two episodes. Also, many are hoping this first season will qualify. a room.

Bella Ramsey has a ready-made solution to these. “If people keep watching, I think [qu’une seconde saison] most probably”told our colleagues at the BBC. while stating that “Nothing has been confirmed at this time” and ultimately the decision will of course rest with HBO. It is said that there is reason to be optimistic. As stated by the actor who plays Ellie in the series, the audience looks good. And that’s the least we can say.

The Last of Us season 2 has not been confirmed but is on the way

If relative success was expected for the series, it would be hard to predict. real box ever done. The tone was set from the first episode, which quite simply pushed The Last of Us as the second best debut in HBO history right after House of the Dragon. It’s a trend that was confirmed in the second episode and made the series go up. increase its target audience by 22%Best progress ever made by HBO.

Thus, his account is good on the viewer side. Content that shouldn’t be a problem remains. Indeed, this first season adapts events of the first game video game saga. Therefore, the sequel, which was released in 2020, remained to give material to the writers of the series. Even a second season between two games can be imagined. Short, there are possibilities. The cards are now in HBO’s hands.

Source : BBC

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