A new perspective: special edition of ‘Batman’ is released after 35 years by DC Comics

A DC Comics has a long history of creating diverse narratives involving the iconic Batman over the decades. Since his debut in 1939, the Dark Knight has faced a multitude of scenarios.

His adventures began in the pages of Detective Comics, and over time, Batman evolved to confront countless villains and challenges, at the hands of legendary writers. However, around 35 years ago, there was a dark moment in which fans had the opportunity to determine the fate of one of the pivotal characters in Batman’s history.

We are referring to the character Robin, or Jason Todd. For those who don’t remember, Todd’s journey began when he took on the role of the second robinthe Dark Knight’s young partner.

Jason Todd was originally introduced in the comics as an orphan who had been abandoned by his parents, resorting to petty theft to survive. However, a surprising moment occurred when he saved Batman in a confrontation against the Joker. After this scene, Batman recognized the young man’s potential and trained him to become the second Robin, succeeding Dick Grayson.

However, Jason Todd’s story is marked by a significant event that provoked a dramatic turn of events. He was brutally murdered by the Joker in a narrative titled “A Death in the Family”. In this story, readers had the opportunity to vote for the character’s fate, and the majority chose his death.

Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

But what if the public had voted differently?

What if Batman fans had made a different decision in the fateful moment involving Jason Todd? How would this have affected the world of dark Knight? DC Comics created two divergent stories: one in which Jason died at the hands of the Joker, which was published, and another in which he survived.

Now, 35 years later, the studio will finally release the story with the alternative plot. “Faux-simile, Batman #428” brings this narrative to light from a new perspective, exploring its impact on the DC Universe. This offers fans the opportunity to explore an alternate universe, which will be available on North American newsstands starting December 12th.

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