50 years of ‘Black Jack’: artificial intelligence creates special chapter of the series

The classic series ‘Black Jack‘, by Osamu Tezuka, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a surprising announcement: a new chapter, partially produced by artificial intelligence.

Under the title ‘Black Jack – Kikai no Shinzou – Heartbeat Mark II’, the special came to life thanks to the version ChatGPT-4created to understand the plot and the connections between the characters.

‘Black Jack’ chapter is produced by AI

Tezuka Productions innovated by bringing together a team of artists to work in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

Shigeto Ikehara, known for his work on the ‘Mega Man’ manga and previously Tezuka’s sidekick, was one of the notable names on this project.

Image: Tezuka Productions/Reproduction

The team also included the renowned director Kaizo Hayashi, recognized for his work on live-action from ‘Cat’s Eye’ in 1997, and designer Tsunogai.

The machine provided the main idea, while the artists made modifications and adjustments, resulting in the publication of the special in the most recent issue of Shonen Champion in Japan, released on the 21st (equivalent to the 22nd in Japan).

Makoto Tezuka, son of the original creator of the work, was at the forefront of this innovative project. Although he recognizes that the use of artificial intelligence may seem innovative, he emphasizes that his objective is not to replace artists, but to understand how it works and how it can collaborate in the creation of manga.

While some question the limits of this collaboration, others see it as a possibility to expand the horizons of sequential art and visual storytelling to new, unexplored heights.

Discover the story of ‘Black Jack’

Image: Osamu Tezuka/Reproduction

The story of ‘Black Jack’ involves an unlicensed doctor who treats complex cases at exorbitant prices, often running into legal trouble.

Recognized as the ‘surgeon of the impossible’, Black Jack employs mysterious and almost supernatural methods. Your personality his apathy is accentuated by a scar that divides his face into two different shades.

His seaside home is shared with Pinoko, a seemingly innocent young woman also shrouded in secrets related to her protector’s extraordinary nature.

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