Xiaomi has launched 4 new robot vacuum cleaners that will appeal to every budget

On Monday, May 22, 2023, Xiaomi met with the press and fans in Milan for its annual Discover conference. The Chinese brand has introduced several products for electric mobility, such as the new Electric 4 and 4 Lite electric scooter.

But that’s not all, because Xiaomi has also lifted the curtain. four new robot vacuum cleaners. With these four new references, the manufacturer aims to establish itself in all segments from the entry level to the highest budgets. But without further ado, let’s do a complete overview.

xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

X10, the new Premium model

First, let’s start with the Xiaomi X10, which has proven itself as an alternative to the X10+, a Premium model launched in 2022 and shown at €899. To reach 499 € priceXiaomi has made some concessions on the X10. First of all, the unloading station is content with that this time around. collect dustVia a 2.5 L disposable dust bag. In addition, the rotating pads are replaced by a simple mop for washing the floor.

On the other hand, the X10 continues to benefit from a powerful mapping system that uses laser rangefinders, allowing it to move around your home independently. we’ll find later a navy of sensors (DLS laser, cliff sensor, infrared sensor and obstacle sensor). On the suction power and battery side, we still benefit X10+’s 4000 Pa and 5200 mAh battery. The X10, on the other hand, can boast having a slightly larger water tank than its big brother (200mL).

xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners
xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

S12 and E12 for small budgets

Now let’s continue with the two new entry-level models from Xiaomi: S12 and E12. We can summarize the S12 as the more affordable version of the S10+. sent €299.99Inevitably, this robot vacuum makes some concessions. So say goodbye to spinning rollers constant damp simple vibrating mop. The navigation system still relies on a laser rangefinder and a suite of special sensors. suction power remains at 4000 Pa. On the other hand, the battery capacity is lower: 3200mAh for about 130 minutes of autonomy.

xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

Finally, let’s end this review with the E12, the cheapest model revealed by Xiaomi today. suggested €199.99Xiaomi E12 combines the basics: suction power 4000 Pasmart water tank that controls the water level according to the soil, a gyroscope navigation systemvibrating mop and a capacity battery 2600mAh (ie about 110 minutes of autonomy). Of course, it will be necessary to compose without litter, The E12 is only supplied with a charging base.

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xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

Prices of new Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

Note that these 4 robot vacuum cleaners are available today on the Xiaomi website. For the situation, they all take advantage Price reduction for launch until 28 May 2023:

  • On Xiaomi E12 €179.99 instead of 199.99 €
  • On Xiaomi S12 €269.99 instead of 299.99 €
  • Xiaomi S10+ 399.99 instead of 449.99 €
  • On Xiaomi X10 €449.99 instead of 499.99 €

In addition, it is possible to further reduce the amount of the invoice. a bonus on swapping out your old device, up to 200 € depending on the model. Please note that this offer is only valid until 28 May.