Xiaomi announces Smart Band 8 Pro, a linked wristband that resembles the Apple Watch

There Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro It will have a larger dial. When the AMOLED screen of its predecessor Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro shows a diagonal of 1.64 inches, Smart Band 8 Pro delivers 1.74. It is a little and a lot at the same time, because activity bracelet gains a little over 6% In this process, the viewing area

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In the microscopic world of watchmaking, this is better readability, hence a better experience User And we can say that Xiaomi has revealed all its possibilities for the display of this bracelet. Second, it will display at least 16.7 million colors. 336ppi resolutionfor 60Hz refresh.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro has a bigger screen

With Smart Band 8 Pro, Xiaomi comes to walk the flowerbeds of the Apple Watch. In design, it has a shape that Xiaomi cannot deny its inspiration, but also in the field of functionality. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the king of fitness wristbands, Smartt Band 8 Pro will offer a variety of widgets and more complete functions than ever before. Will the Chinese activity bracelet manage to gain market share from the Cupertino leader? Only time will tell.

Despite everything, Xiaomi plans to make a splash with its new foldable smartphone, the Mix Fold 3. The company’s CEO, Lei Jung, announced the presentation date of what the company’s new flagship should be. This best-in-class smartphone that promises to be one real beast in photographyIt will have the daunting task of convincing customers to buy the Mix Fold 3 instead of other foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and other Pixel Folds.

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