Wear OS: Google will end this painful limitation of connected watches

Google Pixel Watch 2

Connected watches, which were still a matter of curiosity until about ten years ago, are now a part of many people’s daily lives. Between Apple Watch and numerous competitors competing under Use operating system from Google, there are so many options. But if Android for mobile devices is now a well-established and mature system, the same cannot be said for smartwatches. Wear OS is currently in its 4th version and is still missing some key features that would make it more enjoyable to use.

Google is working on this, for example by making it easier to sync watches with multiple phones or adding useful features to certain apps. It’s already better but it’s not there yet. Some details remain to be worked out, especially the painful points that should no longer exist. Fortunately, the Mountain View company is aware of this and will delete one permanently.

This new function will make configuring a watch under Wear OS faster

you are used to it Give or deny multiple permissions to apps on your smartphones. Access to your location, microphone, call log, storage… You configure all this when you first open the app and never think about it again. Until you install the same on your smart watch. Since structured permissions are not obtained, you have to start from scratch and accept/reject them one by one, which can be annoying in use. A new option will change that.

WearOS permissions synchronizationWearOS permissions synchronization

Telegram channel teams Google News I noticed in version 2.3.0Google Pixel Tracking app. When activated, it brings up a menu called . Device DetailsIt also includes the following option: Syncing permissions on the phone. You don’t need to configure them twice. Although the new function appears in the Pixel Watch-specific app, the corresponding menu is available on Android, which shows: Other watches running Wear OS will be able to benefit from this.

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