Technics seduces wealthy music lovers with new AZ60M2 and AZ80 headphones

Technics, a subsidiary of the Panasonic group specializing in audio products, 3to generation from true wireless earbuds. Following the DNA of the venerable Matsushita group, the new line of in-ear headphones opts for acoustic quality over active noise reduction.

Exceptional acoustic quality

For this new model, Technics pushed the volume requirement sliders even further. There are still two models of headphones, but they have nothing to do with the previous generation. The entry-level Technics 2023 at least corresponds to the best-in-class 2021. Bluetooth 5.3 (with multipoint on 3 different devices) And larger speakers (8 mm). They still accept the LDAC codec for high definition audio.

These headphones aren’t the most compact headphones on the market because they hide an acoustic control chamber that amplifies frequencies for sharper trebles, especially deeper bass. THEM Technique AZ80 Repeat the AZ60’s specifications, but even larger speaker (10 mm) made of aluminum for deep bass.

When most headphones with ANC suffice with 2 or 4 microphones, 8 on Technics AZ60M2 and AZ-80 ! Not only do they capture better to eliminate surrounding noise, they also define better to isolate and amplify the user’s voice. This concept JustMyVoice technology. In this way, calls made in a noisy environment will be more comfortable for the interlocutors. Also, a microphone connected to the hardware filter blocks out the noise from the ear canal. digital processing. There active noise reduction is therefore hybrid.

Exclusive features

This electronic debauchery makes the headphones heavy. Weight of AZ60M2 and AZ80 headphones 7 grams when displaying the box 45 grams. However, autonomy is insurmountable and remains equivalent between the two models. In HD listening (LDAC codec), AZ60M2 and AZ80, 4h30 with ANC on (5 hours without ANC). In standard listening (AAC codec), autonomy 7am with ANC and even 7:30 (without ANC). Autonomy increases with the box 24 hours with AAC and ANC codecbut falling 16:00 with LDAC and ANC. The AZ60M2 and AZ80 headphones also have a inductive charging. Technics promises 70 minutes of music on 15 minutes of wireless charging.

On Android as well as on iOS, the AZ60M2 and AZ80 headphones use software Technical Audio Connection with an impressive level of options. moreover they motion controllable in each of the headphones. They also compatible with voice assistant built into the phone. They are not waterproof, but they are sweat and splash resistant (IPX4). Aiming at the upper segment of the market, both models of Technics headphones 7 double tips different sizes and a USB type C cable to suit all ear morphologies.

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Technics EAH-AZ60M2 and EAH-AZ-80 headphones will be available at the end of the month on the manufacturer’s merchant site and on Amazon, Cdiscount, Darty and Ubaldi e-commerce sites. Colors of EAH-AZ60M2 are available silver, midnight blue or black EAH-AZ80 only black or silver. Mid-range AZ60M2 model available at recommended price 229 euros. The premium AZ80 model is on display at its public price. 299 euros. High prices for top performance. These headphones should undoubtedly join the podium of the best True Wireless headphones.