TAG Heuer offers the smartwatch Connected for 1350 euros

With its design reminiscent of the classic Carrera, the visuals may seem deceiving, with its mechanics it shows a real dial, but it is not, it is digital. With Android Wear turned on, Jelly Bean is compatible with Android from 4.3 onwards and iOS from 8.2.

Three dials are currently available (chronograph, three hands, and GMT), while the others will be available through the watchmaker’s official app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. At the processor level, it’s an AtomTM Z34XX that will run with 4GB of RAM. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microphone and IP67 certification for protection against dust and water immersion. One day of autonomy was declared.

This watch is primarily aimed at wealthy customers, thus aiming to rival the Apple Watch. Developed Between Intel and Google and Switzerland and Silicon ValleyIt’s based on a Connected Android Wear environment, in other words, purists expecting an all-around Swiss-made watch may be disappointed. Here the inside is Intel and therefore not Connected certified Swiss made.

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Its dial is 46.2mm wide and 12.8mm thick. In conclusion, it goes without saying that everything was done meticulously, most Technical knowledge of the TAG Heuer house stands out on the device. It has lugs and tread in Grade 2 Titanium providing a combination of lightness and strength. Six different bracelet colors will be available.

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Tag Heuer came up with a marketing idea bold enough to entice consumers by declaring that the connected watch is a planned obsolescence device. Thus, to convince its future customer, Connected no longer works, a It will be given in exchange for the classic TAG Heuer Carrera model.It’s an almost worthless product.

So you can get an idea about the price range of the watch. Without getting into the highlands of watchmaking (far from that), the suggested price for the TAG Heuer Connected on the official site, located in the same waters as the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, is € 1,350; Enough to make you think twice before embarking on an adventure, but will ensure a traditional model will be achieved in a few years. An interesting investment for enthusiasts.


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