Samsung Gear Solo: autonomous smartwatch to be introduced on September 4

According to a new rumor, Samsung’s unpacked 2014 episode 2 will introduce us to the Gear Solo, a fully autonomous smartwatch that can connect to a mobile network on its own.

It looks like the Galaxy Note 4 won’t be the only device Samsung will announce at IFA 2014 next month. According to Yonhap News, Samsung will also introduce a new smartwatch called the Gear Solo, which we heard about earlier this year.

Unlike previous Samsung watches, the Gear Solo will be able to take a sim card, as the name suggests. so make calls without needing to be paired with a smartphone. Knowing this, we can easily guess that this smartwatch is more expensive than current models. It is said that the Gear Solo will be introduced on September 4, one day after the rumored Galaxy Note 4 announcement.

samsung gear solo standalone smartwatch

It is not yet clear whether the Gear Solo will run under Tizen, like the Gear 2, or under Android Wear, like the Live version. But Increasing tension between Samsung and Google, we know that Koreans are trying to get rid of Android.. On the other hand, Samsung’s “free fall” figures probably prevent it from taking such a risk with the market for now.

We also don’t know what to expect from the design of Samsung’s standalone watch, but it likely won’t be like its older sisters who have seen their design evolve for themselves, especially in terms of improving features.

As for the net, it is saidCan support 3G (still happy), but not 4G yet (would it be very useful in such a format?). It remains to be seen what happens to her belly, as her independence from smartphones will likely require more work on her part.


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