Pixel Watches are so fragile, Google launches free express replacement program

fragile pixel watch

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 is clearly positioned as a direct competitor to the Apple Watch and offers a compelling alternative to the Apple Watch. Users who prefer Android. They round glass It gives the watches a stylish aesthetic while offering tight integration as well as an expanded range of features for health and fitness tracking. Google ecosystem. However, this complex design creates some problems. issue of repairabilityespecially when the top glass is damaged.

We faced user feedback repair difficulties Especially for crack cases, Pixel Watch top glass, Google launched a replacement program. This initiative addresses the complexity of repairing round watch glass by offering owners the opportunity to access the watch glass. backup devices with advantageous conditions.

Google is launching a simpler replacement program for Pixel Watch 1 and 2

For owners Pixel Watch 2Google offers mail-in option self-servicethus eliminating the need for prolonged interaction customer support. By accessing the section Repairs of the site google storeusers are invited fill out the form select the issue encountered with device details and select the option send by mail. After receiving the document damaged clockGoogle is committed to fast shipping backup device. It is important to note that this service is only available in the United States and EMEA region (EuropeMiddle East and Africa).

Users First generation Pixel Watch You will face a slightly different procedure. Most of these hours are probably out of warrantythis is necessary Contact Google Pixel Watch support, even for devices purchased from other sellers. Despite the potential increase in customer service interactions, the company emphasizes the benefit of being able to get replacement devices At a discounted price, even for watches out of warranty. Despite exact cost Although the replacement service has not been announced yet, the manufacturer promises to keep users informed of future developments.

Source : Google

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