Pixel Buds A: Google is working on True Wireless earbuds that are cheaper than Pixel Buds

Google has already launched a pair of True Wireless headphones in 2019: Pixel Buds. A second version should come to light, and 9to5Google brings us its name today. These should be called Pixel Buds A, this reflects a lower price positioning. A-marked products like Google’s Pixel 4A are aimed at the mid-range market and are therefore affordable. According to the American site, Pixel Buds A should follow the same logic. As a reminder, classic Buds are available for 199 Euros.

9to5Google claims that the new Pixel Buds A will be identical in design to the first models. The only thing that should set these headphones apart from their predecessors would be the fact that they are, at least in the white model. their interior completely immaculate. They will also be available in a second color: dark green to contrast with the light green model two years ago.

Pixel Buds A still performs well

The new Pixel Buds models, just like the old ones, controllable with touch controls or via the Google Assistant. However, we do not know if other features of the range will be added, such as translation or automatic volume adjustment. They will accompany the launch of the Pixel 5A, which is also expected for the next few months.

As a reminder, this isn’t the first time that Pixel Buds A has been talked about. In January, Google’s True Wireless headphones passed the Bluetooth certification. However, we do not know if it is the Pixel Buds A or another high-end model that is still kept secret. Anyway, we will openly monitor leaks and other information regarding this future product. Pixel 5A, which should arrive in the next few months, will also draw our attention.

Source : 9to5Google

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