Oppo launches Band: Xiaomi Mi Band link bracelet from € 25

Oppo presents its first linked bracelet: Oppo Group. Dedicated to wellness, it’s available in three versions, all adopting the same features. The terminal is thus equipped 1.1 inch AMOLED display This promises a very high fidelity of the displayed colors. It is covered with a scratch resistant guard that gives it a small domed appearance to better fit the curvature of the wrist.

There is no big surprise about this product that we are used to seeing in this segment. Like this heart sensor, sleep tracking function, motion sensor, NFC support, Bluetooth 5 and water resistant. Oppo offers twelve tracking modes for sports, from running to cycling to swimming, to best determine your activity.

Owned by Oppo Band 100mAh battery It promises a full charge in one and a half hours and a 14-day battery life. It works equally well with Android and iOS by connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Three affordable models

Bracelet available in three versions. The regular version, above all, with a screen and a classic plastic bracelet. The fashion version is equipped with a metal ring that protects the screen. Finally, the latest release, EVA, is a limited edition featuring the colors of the Evangelion series. The standard bracelet costs around 25 Euros, the fashion version 30 Euros and the EVA version 37 Euros. All three models are currently only available in China but are expected to arrive in Europe in the coming weeks.

As noted by XDA Developers, Oppo has released an image with all its IoT products. Among them is a TV that has not yet been announced. Would Oppo prepare this kind of product like Xiaomi has done before? Definitely.

Oppo's roadmap

Source : XDA Developers

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