Nothing announces Ear 2, the new True Wireless headphones for 150 euros

In 2021, nothing came to the tech market with the Ear (1), very high quality True Wireless headphones (100 Euros at launch) sold at an affordable price. Two years later, the brand, which is now well established in the geography, presents its new models, aptly named Ear (2).

For this iteration, Nothing secured the job by taking over the design of the Ears (1). we always have This transparent square case, in which we found two 4.7 grams of headphones, they are also transparent. Visually difficult to distinguish from the first model. Innovation is actually inside.

ear 2

Nothing improves formula with Nothing Ear (2)

Technically speaking, Nothing indicates that their earphones are equipped with an 11.6mm dynamic driver and certified Hi-Res Audio. The interior has been revised using two chambers to have a more impactful sound. All of this will have to be tested by listening. Other improvements are also interesting. After this, Nothing includes dynamic active noise reduction Automatically adjusts ANC (can be disabled). For example, if there is noise around you, ANC kicks in. On the street, it allows you to hear well while listening to his music. On paper, this is a great idea.

What’s more, sounds are now better reproduced via the microphone and cancel out the surrounding noise while you’re on the phone (Clear Voice technology). The application has been revised to give the user more options in their profile settings (which was definitely missing in the Ear 1). Another innovation: dual connection is supported. You do not need to reconnect your Ear (2) every time you change terminals, for example you can use them both on your PC and your smartphone. Finally, note that these headphones are now IP54 certified, so they are water and dust resistant.


Nothing Ear (2) is already available on the manufacturer’s website. They are on display at 149 euros, A significantly higher price than Ear (1) when they were released (the latter has since increased). Of course, we will test them soon to give you an idea.

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