Move Up and Up 3: Jawbone unveils two new linked bracelets

Connected objects are on the rise and they are launching new products at a steady pace. Among market players, The jawbone is definitely one of the best known. and is known for its tied bracelets. The success of the activity tracker Up 24 testifies to this.

today brand Introduced two new linked bracelets, Up Move and Up 3, each targeting different users. While activity trackers are the most popular connected objects for users, according to a recent study, how do these two newcomers stand out?

Move Up: entry level

The jawbone first presents: Up Move is a bound wristband with a minimum price of 49.99 Euros. In reality it is not exactly a bracelet, but a tracker that can be attached to your bag, belt, straps or pockets, among others. It will take another 15 euros to turn it into a bracelet.

jawbone up move bag

At this price, the features are basic. jawbone Move Up lets you view time, count steps, distance traveled, calories burned or hours of sleep.. Everything can be consulted in the dedicated app on your smartphone and advice is given to optimize your diet and activity. So there is nothing revolutionary in the scout world.

jawbone up movement colors

Especially since it is not distinguished by the Up Move design. scout actually one 6.8 gram tablet available in assorted colors (black, red, blue, purple and even yellow) either with belt clip and others provided or with bracelet for 15 Euros. The 6 months autonomy provided by its battery is quite comfortable, but the appearance remains very cheap as it is made entirely of rubber.

Top 3: absolutely elegant

The same cannot be said for Top 3. The link bracelet from Jawbone is really stylish. The choice of colors is more limited, it will be black or gray. It weighs 29 grams and you can wear it underwater up to a depth of 10 meters. Its 38 mAh battery allows it to be used for 7 days.

jawbone up 3 scouts

It is at the functional level that the Up 3 is particularly interesting. The most powerful tracker on the market. In addition to the classic sensors that the brand uses to monitor sports activities, sleep and diet, new sensors analyze heart rate, breathing, skin temperature and ambient temperature.

jawbone up 3 graceful

Undoubtedly the most advanced of all the products in the Jawbone series, this Up 3 is the linked bracelet. In addition, the brand now offers a full range of audiences: Up Move, Up 24 and Up 3.

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If you are interested in these two new linked wristbands, know that the Up Move is already available on the brand’s website for 49.99 euros. On the other hand, no availability date has been announced by Jawbone. Top 3. But we know that it will cost 179.99 euros..

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