[MAJ] Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter: Competitor Chromecast switch available!

February 6, 2015 Update : We didn’t know what was going to happen to him. Commercialization of HDMI switch On Microsoft’s French soil. The Redmond firm is coming to answer the question in the best possible way by making it available on the French Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is now available at a price of 69.90 Euros. immediate availability when adding to cart. There is no doubt that the accessory will please many people who hesitate to go through the import box.6

Microsoft invites itself to your TV. To compete with Apple TV and Google Chromecast, The American giant introduced the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter today, an HDMI switch you connect to your television to stream content from your smaller screens. And all this without cables.

small box that looks like an HDMI switch, connects to an HDMI port and works with a USB cable. If the distance between the two ports exceeds 33 centimeters (cable length), Microsoft provides a 1.8 meter HDMI extender. Finally, the maximum transmission distance is 7 meters.

The authenticity of the product is that it is based on Miracast technology found in Windows products, smartphones, tablets and PCs. all compatible Android devices. Launched by a consortium of companies called the WIFI Alliance, this technology makes it possible to connect compatible devices without any middlemen, cables or internet networks.


At this point the Microsoft device differs from the Google Chromecast, which requires being on the same connected network. It is therefore possible thanks to this small box cast your devices in screen mirroring but it is impossible to extend the desktop to a larger screen for example, which would be interesting.

Microsoft offers a one-minute video showing the different possibilities the device has to offer and evenprimarily intended for the general public With its multimedia advantages, the brand does not forget about professionals, always looking for tools to facilitate mobility and giving them an overview of the uses they can make.

there will be a box Available in the US and Canada for $60 It’s around 55 euros excluding or including tax, $25 more than a Chromecast, but significantly less than an Apple TV. Pre-orders have already started. Microsoft has not yet announced a date for France.

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