Magic Leap One: Augmented reality glasses that will revolutionize our lives

this Magic Leap One introduced by Magic Leap company. This is a promising set of augmented reality equipment. revolutionize technology and our daily lives as we know them. Three elements make up the Magic Leap One: Lightwear glasses, Lightpack mini computer and Control remote. All of this is supposed to give us augmented reality experiences we’ve never seen before.

Lightweight clothing looks a bit like swimming goggles. It’s available in two sizes, according to the Rolling Stones, and includes customization at the level of forehead, nose, and temple guards. Magic Leap is currently working on a solution for contact lens or eyeglass wearers to wear Lightwear. They also include four microphones, six cameras, and built-in speakers.

Magic Leap One will revolutionize augmented reality glasses

A less powerful computer than Lightpack is integrated directly into the glasses. It can detect and understanding the environment around us and machine learning capabilities. Thus, he is constantly aware of the world around us and “sees what we see”.

But to work to their full potential, the glasses must use Lightpack, a miniature computer that can be attached to a belt and has a dedicated graphics card. The power of a MacBook Pro or Alienware PC for the game. Details of its configuration were not disclosed.

Primarily, Lightpack will allow thrive in software, apps, and video games the user will be invited to interact. At the end of the article you will find a short video that gives an overview of what we can expect. This is the music app of the future developed with the Icelandic rock band Sigur Ros.

Magic Leap One shows its potential in video

A type of hand-held remote, Control is a simple way to interact with the system. Of course, it doesn’t matter because Magic Leap One responds to your movements it depends on the position of the hands, fingers and head, as well as the sound and the direction of the gaze. In addition, the speakers respond according to our movements and changes in the environment and present sounds and soundscapes.

Magic Leap is an initiative that was launched in 2010 and whose huge project has convinced investors as follows. Google, Alibaba and Qualcomm. The Florida-based company managed to raise $1.9 billion for the development of Magic Leap One. Without launching a single product, it was worth $4.5 billion in 2016.

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We look forward to learning more about the Magic Leap One, scheduled for release in 2018, without further details. Glasses that will “make your life better” are invaluable right now. Business Insider says they should cost between $1,000 and $1,500. We wish him more success than Google Glass, which will also change the face of the world.

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