Linky: Meter commissioning will cost less from August 2023

Despite all the resistance he might encounter, the Linky meter now installs in multiple locations. 36 million households. In fact, there are many users who have to pay the total. €13,94corresponds to the cost of commissioning the box. However, it should be noted that this tariff is determined by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), not by Enedis.

However, the whole point of interest of the Linky counter is “turnkey”, that is, it does not require any intervention by the user since it is directly connected to Enedis. Also, no technician intervention is required to activate the box, it can be done remotely by the network administrator. What is there to wonder if this is really worth the €13.94 on the bill?.

Enedis will reduce the commissioning price of Linky counter

It’s probably a question waiting for the remaining 3.8 million households’ counters to be fitted. And it’s obviously not just them. Enedis seems to understand that charging such high fees for commissioning is pointless. So the organization announced last week the cost of the operation will decrease by next August for all users who will get the yellow box.

“Everyone will agree that he has to fall. Should it go down a lot or a lot, that is the question.”, said Christophe Gro, Enedis’ director of editing. The manager should therefore communicate about the issue in the coming months. We also remind you that if the installation of the meter is not mandatory, you still have to pay Enedis 5 € per month to have the meter read.

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