Linky: Justice forces Enedis to install an anti-surge filter on 13 electrically sensitive people

Bordeaux’s de grande court just now rejecting an anti-Linky collective’s request, reports AFP. According to the trial judge, the plaintiffs “does not justify the existence of an expressly unlawful irregularity in relation to the right to consume or the GDPR” (Editor’s note: general data protection regulation). “Moreover, they do not justify imminent damage to their health, safety of persons and property, or the quality of work required by the installers” evaluates the court decision.

Linky: A judge forces Enedis to install anti-wave filters

On the other hand, the judge ruled that 13 out of 206 plaintiffs “To justify an openly unlawful disorder by violating a precautionary principle” because Enedis has installed the meter in their house. “Without installing a filter that shields them from electromagnetic fields”.

They were required to submit a series of medical certificates to prove that the meter was affecting their quality of life. 13 “electro-hypersensitive” complaining specifically of headaches and insomnia. Other symptoms often suggested by people with hypersensitivity to waves include attention and memory disorders, irritability, and tingling in the fingers.

In the next two months, Enedis therefore had a “the filter device that protects them” electromagnetic fields. Therefore, it is a new victory for many opponents of the connected meter. In March, a Toulouse judge did indeed authorize several electrically sensitive individuals to refuse installation of the Linky meter.

Enedis will appeal

Enedis quickly announced his intention to appeal the judge’s decision, considering that the meter was not used. “No more significant impact than other everyday objects”Like a WiFi box or a smartphone. “All measurements by independent organizations show electric and magnetic field levels well below legal limits” He reassures Enedis in a statement sent to AFP.

Still, the group notes that “electro-hypersensitive” customers are quite willing to do so in the extremely rare cases. “implement personalized and tailored support” without saying more. What do you think about this case? Do you want to refuse the installation of the smart meter? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.

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